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Material Rendering of Imagery of 'Divine' and 'Faith' among Practicing Christian Adults with Artistic Skills
Aim of the Project

I am researching how Christian adults express their beliefs in tangible forms such as art, symbols, rituals, and language. Despite the prevalence of abstract concepts in theological discourse, I want to explore the rich imagery associated with the 'divine' and 'faith' in Christian communities.

Research Questions

My project addresses questions such as:

  • How does religious/spiritual imagery shape one's religious and spiritual experiences?

  • What are the influences on the creative process, including artist agency and research participation?

  • To what extent do personal and cultural influences impact the construction of religious imagery?

  • What is the role of artistic choices in the creative process, and how do they develop?

  • What is the dynamic of the creative process, and how do theological and aesthetic principles influence it?

Project Activities

I will collaborate with ten visual artists based in the UK, employing a case studies approach that includes qualitative interviews, self-observation, content analysis, and artistic analysis of symbols and artefacts. Through this interdisciplinary approach, I will explore the complex processes behind creating and expressing religious imagery.


My project will produce ten artworks that will be publicly displayed in an art exhibition, accompanied by a brochure introducing the presented artworks (case studies). I will also present my findings at a relevant academic conference or symposium, disseminating my insights through a research paper, poster, lecture, or workshop.

Anticipated Outcomes

I anticipate several outcomes from my project, including:

  • Enhanced interdisciplinary scholarship through collaboration between artists, theologians, and cognitive scientists.

  • An enriched theological discourse that expands the visual vocabulary of theology.

  • Improved understanding of religious cognition and its implications for psychology and cognitive science.

  • Enhanced religious education practices that resonate more deeply with congregations.

  • Increased awareness of cultural and aesthetic influences on religious imagery.

  • Meaningful dialogue across academic and non-academic audiences.

  • A lasting impact on visual theology, inspiring future research and creative endeavours.

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Call for Artists Collaborators

Are you a visual artist with Christian faith looking to embark on a unique creative journey? Join us in a groundbreaking project that delves into the very essence of faith and the divine and how these concepts are expressed through art. 


November 2023 'Material Rendering of Imagery of 'Divine' and 'Faith' of Practicing Christian Adults with Artistic Skills.' Research project introduction, Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology Research Seminar, Cambridge UK

Scheduled presentations:

August 2024, 'Look! This Is My Faith: Material Rendering of Imagery of 'Divine' and 'Faith' of Practicing Christian Adults with Artistic Skills.'  Presentation at ECST XX Conference, Split Croatia

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