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ORA PRO NOBIS (projection), 2019

Through the medium of photography, collages, and moving images, I  build a photo/video journal through which I share my perception of the world. For me, digital art is the primary medium of communication and collaboration.

RADIOLOGY (detail), 2021

Painting is my "first love". When I returned to making art about ten years ago, this technique was my straightforward choice. The way how one can work with colours feels very satisfying to me.


I am not an artist of "one medium". I love experimenting with media and exploring new techniques. Sometimes I combine various materials and natural components to create 3D paintings, collages or installations. Other times, I work with live performances or landart to create experiences instead of artefacts. However, drawing or doodling is also time well spent, and I enjoy it very much!

I hope your journey through this digital realm has been as delightful as a paintbrush gliding on a canvas. Your presence here is like the perfect color palette – vibrant and inspiring!

If you've found a moment of joy, laughter, or perhaps a virtual masterpiece that resonated with your creative soul, how about we seal this artistic bond with a delightful cup of virtual coffee?

Feel free to hit either the purple or yellow 'Buy Me a Coffee' icon below, and let's turn caffeine into canvases, one sip at a time! Your support fuels the artistic engine, and who knows, it might just be the secret ingredient for my next masterpiece!

Thank you for being a brushstroke in the masterpiece of this digital adventure!

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