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CONNECTION (detail), 2021

CONNECTION (detail), 2021

Painting is my "first love". When I returned to making art about ten years ago, this technique was my straightforward choice. The way how one works with colours feels very satisfying to me. Compared to digital techniques, it's a very "physical" or "material" experience. You can watch the colours changing in front of your eyes. Also, I love working with large scale formats, even though I make some intimate paintings from time to time.
Most of my recent commissions were paintings, and this is why there are not too many available on this website. I prefer to create directly for a customer because I love to reflect their personality, taste, experiences. I think that art should be personal, so I make it so.
In this gallery, you can find some examples of my work. Different in technique, they include the same themes as my digital art - fascination with people, nature, universe...  Just have a look and let yourself dream.

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