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Explore the Divine and Faith Through Art 

Are you a visual artist with Christian faith looking to embark on a unique creative journey? Join us in a groundbreaking project that delves into the very essence of faith and the divine, and how these concepts are expressed through art. 

About the Project: We invite passionate visual artists to collaborate on a research project that seeks to understand and explore the imagery associated with the 'divine' and 'faith' in the lives of practising Christian adults. This project transcends the boundaries of traditional theology by bridging the worlds of art, spirituality, and cognitive science.


Eligibility Criteria

Why You Should Join: 

  • Creative Freedom: You'll have the opportunity to push the boundaries of your artistic expression and imagination. 

  • Interdisciplinary Exploration: Engage in a unique blend of theology, visual arts, and cognitive science, contributing to the development of these fields. 

  • Exhibition: Your artwork will be publicly displayed in an art exhibition, offering you exposure and recognition. 

  • Inspiration: Work closely with researchers and fellow artists to gain new perspectives and insights. 

Who Can Apply: We welcome visual artists based in the UK with a portfolio of artwork created within the last two years. Whether you're an experienced artist or emerging talent, your creativity, imagination and willingness to collaborate on this research are what truly matter. 

How to Apply: If you're passionate about exploring the intersection of faith, art, and personal identity, we want to hear from you. In an online application, you will provide the following details: 

  • Contact information 

  • Preferred art technique 

  • Christian denomination (if any) 

  • Years of practice 

  • Availability to commit to the project for a month or less (about 7 hours/week) 

Timeline: Your participation in this year-long project will involve a month-long intensive collaboration with two in-depth interviews (at the beginning and the end of the month) when you will work on an artwork. During the art practice, you will be ask to do self-observation of your creative and cognitive processes, concluded by final critical analysis with the investigator. The collaboration will be culminating in a public exhibition of your work in September or October 2024. 

Honorarium: You will receive an honorarium of £250 to cover your expenses for artwork production, with an initial payment of £50 (after the first interview) and the remainder upon delivery of the artwork (after the second interview). The artwork stays in your possession; however, the visual documentation of your work will be shared with the investigator for research purposes. Also, you will lend the artwork for a public exhibition at the end of the research project. 

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Individual interviews and work will commence in March and April 2024. We encourage all prospective candidates to register their interest at their earliest convenience to ensure they are considered for the project collaboration. 

Note that filling out the registration form does not entitle you to the collaboration. Artists will be selected and approached individually by the researcher.

For inquiries, contact Dr Pavlina Kasparova at

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