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(Dec 2019, Oct 2020)

Conception, 2019. Coloured HD video1920x1080, sound 2 channels (stereo) 48.000 kHz, duration: 00:04:55.

The workshop was organised twice. The first time it was during a day of advent recollection for Catholic women in Cambridge, the UK. The second time it was a formation meeting of junior religious sisters of different congregations in Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic. An essential part of the workshop is a video collage played to foster the imagination required for visual meditation to work.

The video’s narrative recounts a story of growth. The video artwork, which I made for a workshop on discernment, brings the idea further and focuses on the process of growing and happening. The element of allowing something to happen was highlighted as primary. It deals with the human ability to give life not only in the literal sense but in the figurative one. Human intelligence is the driving power of this process. People can make ideas become deeds.

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