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(April – May 2018)

You Cannot Step into the Same River Twice, 2018. Installation, size ca. 40 x 100 x 40 cm.

Displayed at a pop-up exhibition Take me there (looking for a place where individuals truly belong) in the Heong Gallery, Cambridge, 2018.

The installation was presented as a keepsakes collection on a bedside table, which reflects its owner's identity. In this work, I tried to picture the impossibility of sharing my entire experiences verbally with others, even with those closest, because we all change every second. The time was represented by a clock alarm and a video of a running stream. There were some pebbles covered by colourful wool, which was the evidence of the change, put on the table. The little rocks and photos of them worked as reminders of these changes. The video in the loop played a section of throwing these changed pebbles back to the stream they were taken from.

The installation aimed to express the impossibility of catching and defining a moment in one's history because of its constant change, as it is situated and resituated in one’s narrative.

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