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(14th Feb 2020)

2020. An online event, social medium Facebook

This was performed in real-time 14.00 – 15.00 (London time). The event was promoted in Czech and English languages. The platform offers automatic translations; therefore, people were encouraged to post their comments in all languages.

The event was a spontaneous reaction to a need for sharing my perception of the world with others. The advantages and disadvantages of new virtual relationships are that they required a different approach to shared space and privacy. Also, there are no limits on time because most of the virtual content posted on social media is always available. The project was arranged to invite people to spend a shared time in a specific time slot.

The event organised on the down of pandemic later felt like a prophetic act, a sign of an onsetting situation which has been on for longer than a year now and has probably changed the form of interpersonal connections in general in the future. The performance aimed to start discussions on randomly posted pictures. There were time slots of inactivity between the posts during which I walked and looked for lost objects on the streets. Even though I could not follow their reactions immediately when they shared them publicly, I thought of all the people who joined me online even more intensively than if I was staring on the screen. This time of “connected loneliness” was the most substantial experience I had.

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