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In April 2023, I applied to become a fellow of Cross-training in Psychology for Theologians led by Dr Carissa Sharp and Dr Amy Daughton at Birmingham University. With fellows and mentors from around the world (photo above), I have started training in psychology research methods. Finally, I applied for a grant financed by The Templeton Foundation. This initiated my year-long research project, which combines art practice as a method for theological scholarship enriched by the empirical foundation of cognitive science. It has been an exciting journey of exploring the benefits and challenges of enhanced transdisciplinary research, as well as unveiling a new passion for psychology.



This research project, Material Rendering of Imagery of 'Divine' and 'Faith' among Practising Christian Adults with Artistic Skills, also known as ‘The Artists Project’, delves into the tangible expressions of belief of Christian artists through art, symbols, rituals, and language. The focus is on the profound imagery representing the divine and faith, often overshadowed by textual and verbal theological discussions.


Aim of the Project

The project seeks to understand how religious and spiritual imagery influences the experiences of Christian adults, examining the creative processes and cultural impacts on the construction of this imagery. By working closely with ten UK-based visual artists, we are uncovering how theological and aesthetic principles shape artistic expression.


Research Activities

The methodology includes a case studies approach, engaging artists in qualitative interviews and detailed analysis of their work. This hands-on study aids in identifying the myriad ways personal and societal factors contribute to artistic creations.


Exhibition and Outputs

The culmination of the creative part of this research project is the LOOK! THIS IS MY FAITH exhibition featuring artworks that embody our findings. These pieces serve as primary data for case studies that will give us deeper insight into the artistic and cognitive processes. Further dissemination will occur through academic presentations and published papers, enhancing understanding across fields like psychology, cognitive science, and religious education.


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The audio-visual recordings produced during this research project are the exclusive property of the researcher. The artworks are the physical and intellectual property of the respective artists. All images and original texts in this brochure are protected by the research project's copyright and may not be used without explicit permission.


The artists featured in this exhibition were led to contemplate the themes of 'divinity' and 'faith' through three series of introspective and reflective questions that encouraged them to explore their personal and spiritual experiences. These questions served as a catalyst for each artist to delve into their perceptions of the divine and the role it plays in their creative expression.


  • The artists were initially drawn into the discussion through queries about their general art practice, which helped them comfortably transition into deeper topics.

  • Subsequent questions explicitly invited artists to recall personal moments of spiritual significance, such as feelings of profound connection, awe, or transcendent experiences that influenced their artistic direction.

  • Finally, the artists were encouraged to reflect on how their faith intersects with their artistic process. They were asked to describe if and how spiritual beliefs or divine moments have directly inspired specific artworks or themes in their creations.


These guided conversations were designed to help artists articulate how their individual journeys and spiritual beliefs are woven into the fabric of their artworks, thereby allowing the exhibition to truly represent the intricate relationship between art, divinity, and faith.


At the end of the interview, the artists were asked these crucial questions: How do you define 'divine' and 'faith' in your own words? What kind of imagery was running through your mind when we talked about God/divinity and your faith? Can you give me 5 words? Can you describe the image? Can you sketch the image? What emotions have you experienced? What story/narrative/memory was the most persistent when we talked? Have you seen a specific space or experience?


The LOOK! THIS IS MY FAITH exhibition results from the artists' creative thinking and reflection on those images.

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