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In my research, I have been developing a new way of communicating theological themes related to the doctrine of soteriology by combining art practice and theological reflection. This method is called 'art as a living theology,' and it uses 'theological visualisation' to reveal soteriological themes visually. By doing so, it creates a better understanding of themes relating to human development and growth.


This methodology provides innovative theological thinking, enriching the theologian's insight with visual material. It covers various Christological themes, including the female identity in Christ and Christianity. It also helps explain the artistic process and its evaluation through theological reflection and deepens the understanding of the spiritual impact that art can have on viewers.


Finally, the method also bridges art and theology, creating a platform for dialogue, including interreligious and intercultural.


At this moment, I have concluded my first extensive research, which was also my PhD project. It was called Art as a Living Theology: Exploring Artist's Vocation. Currently, I am working on two more studies. The first one I call 'The Artists Project' because it has a rather clunky name.

The latest project is my very personal interest in Women and Theology, where I try to explore and show (literally) the stories women were told and internalised for themselves as the 'only story.' I would love to keep this one private until I have some results to share. So, be patient, please.

Let's dive into each project by clicking on the section below to learn what I have been exploring.

The women of the Book


September 2017 - January 2022

Artists project image.png


December 2023 - November 2024


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